Stord municipal is striving to implement measures for reducing the spreading of the Corona virus amongst our residents. 

We all have to follow National rules and advice. You'll find updated information at and Local measures and advice will be listed on this page.

Translated press releases and other information from the Federal Government are continously being published at


Norway to accept COVID-19 certificates from England and Wales from August 12th

Norway will accept the English and Welsh NHS COVID Pass from 12 August at 3 pm, which is when the solution to verify the QR code in the NHS COVID pass will be rolled out at the border.

Step 4 of the reopening - Aug. 13th


For questions regarding the Corona vaccination program or needing help with scheduling/cancelling an appointment etc., call the Stord Corona centre at 53496666.

Vaccination appointments are offered Thursdays and Fridays at Vikahaugane sportssenter, adress Vikahaugen 17, 5411 Stord. 

Schedule an appointment for Corona testing

These are the ground rules regarding testing:

  • You need to get tested if you are experiencing new airways symptoms (fever, caughing, heavy breathing, loss of sense of smell or taste, sore throat, or a general ill feeling). Children under the age of 12 experiencing light symptoms, can linger for a couple of days before concidering being tested.
  • Getting tested even if you are not experiencing symptoms migth be relevant if you are a close contact to a person that have tested positive or if you are in imposed quarantine after traveling abroad. Please note that you have to stay in quarantine for the whole period even if the test result is negative.
  • Are you health personell in quarantine? Please call the Corona centre for more information.

Schedule appointment online

Click here to make an appointment for testing

Schedule appointment by phone

Call the Corona centre at 53 49 66 66 between 08.30-15.00 weekdays. Inquiries at other times are being routed to the ER at 116117.

Test location

The Corona centre is located at Ringvegen 24, Heiane, 5412 Stord.

Pre-scheduled appointment is required. You will not be tested without a pre-schedule appointment.

The test is done by health personell while you remain seated in your vehicle outside the building. It is done in a few seconds. There might be a line up if there are many people getting tested.

Opening hours

08.30-15.00 weekdays.

There may be extraordinary opening hours on weekends and Holidays when there is an upswing of the spreading. This will be announced under "Nyhende" (news) on the home page.

Test result

It might take 2-3 days before the test result is ready. While you are waiting for the result, you have to stay at home and avoid infecting others. Everyone with a positive result will be contacted when their result is ready. If your result is negative, you will not be notified, but you have to check for the result (login with MinID). 

If you are not able to log into, or if there is no result after 3 days, you can call your doctor's office (fastlegen). Your doctor will allways receive the test result.

If your test is positive, but you have no symptoms or have not been exposed to known sources, you have to be tested once more to confirm the result.

Number tested and infected locally

See the Corona site in Norwegian for number tested and infected locally. The numbers listed reflects the total from the onset of the pandemic.

Contact information

  • Municipal Corona phone: 53 49 66 66 (Open 08.30-15.00 wordays) Address: Ringvegen 24, Heiane
  • Emergency room (Sunnhordland Interkommunale legevakt): 116 117
  • Acute situations: 113
  • National Corona phone: 815 55 015 (Available in polish, arabic, urdu, english and somali.)
  • Stord municipal switchboard: 53 49 66 00
  • NAV Stord (Social services): 55 55 33 33 
  • Stord sjukeheim (nursing home): 53 45 45 00
  • Knutsaåsen omsorgssenter (nursing home): 53 45 43 34
  • Stord harbour office: 53 49 67 66
  • IDA (interkommunal døgnavdeling): 53 23 30 70
  • Schools and kindergartens: email the headmasters
  • Stord municipal email:

Direct contact information for the various departments in Stord kommune

Do you need someone to talk to?

Reach out to someone you trust or reach out for help here:

Exemption from travel quarantine - June 10th

People who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 during the past 6 months will be exempt from travel quarantine from Friday 11th of June at 3 pm. This is conditional on their being able to provide documentation of vaccination or of having recovered from COVID-19 using a secure and verifiable QR code solution. Children and adolescents under the age of 18 may shorten their quarantine period if they can present a negative result from a PCR test taken no sooner than 3 days after arrival. 

The Janssen vaccine on an optional basis - June 10th

The Norwegian Government has decided that the Janssen vaccine will be offered outside the COVID-19 vaccination programme. From 15 June, people will be able to book an appointment for an assessment by a doctor in private practice, a vaccination clinic, or a general practitioner who offers the vaccine.

Travel to Norway - June 14th

As a general rule, only foreigners residing in Norway can enter. Norwegian citizens always have the right to enter. In order to limit import infection, we will continue to have strict entry restrictions.

More people may quarantine in their own home - June 7th

On 27 May, the quarantine hotel programme was changed, so that the rate of infection in the country a person has visited now determines whether they must stay at a quarantine hotel or not.

Svalbard hotels may receive more guests - June 7th

The Norwegian Government is easing the COVID-19 measures in Svalbard by raising the occupancy rate for overnight accommodation to 90 per cent.

Corona situation - Federal Government press conference - June 4th

Rules regarding hotel quarantine - June 3rd

Geographical redistribution of vaccines - May 27th

New projections from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health show that the planned redistribution of vaccine doses, resulting in a 60% increase for certain municipalities, would mean that municipalities with a low rate of infection would have to relinquish much more than 35% of their doses. In order to avoid municipalities having to relinquish more doses than planned, the redistribution has been downscaled to a 45% increase for the municipalities that are to receive extra doses. Read more in Eglish, Polish and Dari (more translations to come).

Norwegian students will not have to pay for staying at a quarantine hotel - May 26th

Regional measures lifted for the municipalities in Viken county - May 26th

Read the Norwegian Government's decision to lift the regional measures for the municipalities in Viken county in Arabic, Dari, Polish, Russian, Somali, Tigrinja, Turkish and Urdu. The infection situation indicates that these municipalities can now return to ordinary national rules. The changes will enter into effect on Wednesday 26 May at 12 am.

Children under 12 must be tested at the border - April 19th

Read the Norwegian Government has decided that children under the age of 12 must also take a test at the border. This change has been introduced because the new virus variants transmit more easily, also when children are infected.

Decisions concerning Viral Vector vaccines - April 15th

Read the final decision concerning the use of the AstraZeneca and Janssen COVID-19 vaccines will be taken by the Norwegian Government. A committee of experts, both foreign and national, will be appointed to examine the consequences of using or not using these vaccines in the vaccination programme.

Information to parents regarding children and the Corona virus

Ministry of Education and Research has made a website for parents of children in kindergartens and schools with essential information regarding a range of topics, including the Covid-19 situation. Here are links to some of the sentral topics regarding Covid-19:

Information to parents regarding children and the Corona virus.
All you need to know as parents for children in kindergartens.
All you need to know as parents for children in grade school.
All you need to know as parents for children in junior- and high school.
Videos and graphics regarding children and the Corona virus.

In case of Covid-19 infected - How is the mapping of close contacts done?

Every new case of infected is being reported to the municipal doctor of infection control whom registers the case. Information (non-personal only) is being published on the municipal web site.

Employees at the Corona centre start mapping out all close contacts of the infected. Everybody defined as close contact will be contacted. If you are not contacted, but are of the opinion that you are a close contact of the infected, you should be in home quarantine and you should contact the Corona Centre (at 53 49 66 66) for clarification.

Close contacts are being defined as persons that have been in close contact with the Covid-19 ill person from 48 hours before the person experienced the first symptoms or when the test was taken and until the person is out of isolation.

The infected person and the close relationships around the person will for the most part have a good overview over who the close contacts are.

How is the follow-up work with Covid-19 infected being done?

The person confirmed infected with Covid-19 will be isolated (for the most part in his/hers own home) and followed-up by their doctor.

Ending the isolation is a decision made in a consultation with the doctor. Everybody that have been in close contact with the infected person have to be in a 10 days quarantine, counting from the last contact with the infected.

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