Høgskulen på Vestlandet - University College

Høgskulen på Vestlandet University College offers studies directed towards specific professions in society. Areas of commitment are:

  • Didactics and professional knowledge in teacher education
  • Petromaritime business activities
  • Health education

More information at www.hvl.no and www.sammen.no

Loans and grants for students

The Norwegian State Educational Fund (Statens lånekasse)

Loans and grants from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen), is primarily directed to Norwegian citizens, however, some foreign citizens may be eligible for support.

Find out if you are eligible for support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund

Health care for students

Students are entitled to the same health care services as other inhabitants.


All  students should have a regular GP (norw: fastlege) at the place where they live most of the time. Stord Municipality encourage you to find a GP on Stord. You may choose between GPs with free capasity on their patient lists. Check www.Helsenorge.no for available GPs in this area.

Health fund for students

The Student Welfare Organization, Studentsamskipnaden, runs a Health fund where you may apply if you have big expenses due to illness, injuries or a handicap. Such expenses may be related to visits to the doctor og psycologist, purchasing glasses or contact lenses, dentistry, physiotherapy, transport between home and school after an injury a.s.o. 

Medical emergency telehpone

Call 113 if you have a life threatening illnes or you have had an/been in an accident. The emergency telephone is open all hours.

Casualty clinic

Call 116 117 (Hospital in Stord)

Part-time job

There are good possibilities for students at Stord to get a  part-time job at the Municipality.  

Suitable jobs

Jobs that may be suitable for students:  

  • personal assistant for a disabled person (norw: støttekontakt)
  • relief care worker (norw: avlastar)
  • night- and weekend shifts at a nursing home (norw: ekstravakter og helgevakter)
  • on-call work: home care, nursing home or homes for intelectually disabled. (norw: ringevikar for Heimebaserte tenester, sjukeheim eller bustader for utviklingshemma)
  • youth  club leader (norw: fritidsklubbarbeidar)
  • cleaning (norw: reinhaldar)
  • lifeguard at the municipal swimmingpools (norw: badevakt)
  • Employee at the quiosk and box-office at the Cultural Centre (Kulturhuset) (norw: medarbeidar ved kiosk og billettkontor)

How to apply

Application forms are unfortunately not yet available in english. The staff at the Town Hall Service Centre will be happy to assist you with filling in your application form.  

You may also call the following departments to ask for job openings: