Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL Stord)

Klingenbergvegen 4, 5414 Stord.

With dedicated teachers, wonderful internships and a variety of activities, Stord is a great place to study.

Study at HVL

Study programs at Stord campus.

Exchange courses at Stord campus.

Student organization

Student life on Stord campus

Stord Folk High School

Stord folkehøgskule is a Norwegian folk high school. Folk high schools are one-year boarding schools offering a variety of exciting non-traditional and non-academic subjects, as well as academic subjects.

The idea of folk high schools is learning for life, an opportunity to grow both individually, socially, and academically in small learning communities. All students live on campus in close contact with staff and their fellow students. One important part of the folk high school experience is to form a community, in and out of class. 

Stord Folk High School for international students

Public transportation

Important websites for getting to/from and around Stord:

Local bus schedules
Local ferry boat schedules
Ferries along E-39
Passenger speedboats
Kystbussen Bergen-Stavanger
Flights Stord-Oslo
Taxi - Leirvik Taxi AS, tlf 53 49 50 00 / Stord Taxi, tlf. 07000 

Leisure activities

Join a club

Do you want to act, take dance lessons, sing in a choir, play in a brass or wind band, climb indoors/outdoors, play football, handball, basketball, volleyball, cricket, scoobadive, do judo, taekwondo, track and field, orienteering, golf, parkour, table tennis, motorcross or swim etc.?

The options in Stord are many with over 400 clubs, associations and organizations. It is a great way to meet the locals and become part of the community.

Overview and contact information for all the non profit organizations in Stord.

Check out Activity for all, our portal for leisure activities including an activity calendar.


There are lots of hiking possibilities in Stord. UT.no | Utforsker | Stord

Lend gear and equipment for free

Do you want to go camping, terrain biking, skating, skateboarding, roller skating, kayaking, water skiing, skiing, play games and/or do sports? BUA lend out gear, games and equipment for free.

Cross country skiing

In the winter, and if the weather permits, the local club Stordski makes cross country ski tracks in the mountain. 4 kilometers of it is even lit up.


Cultural life and entertainment

Stord Culture centre

Located in the middle of Leirvik  with status as a regional culture centre, lot's of activity is going on at Stord culture centre most of the year. 

Night life

There are many restaurants and bars in Stord, and some offer events like concerts, quiz, improvisational theater, dancing etc.

Stord Jazz Club hosts many concerts every year.

Event and activity calendars

Art galleries

There are several art galleries in Stord, two commercial galleries downtown Leirvik in addition to some private galleries at some artists homes.

In our art database you can learn about all the wonderful outdoor art installatons and sculptures in Stord, and where to find them.


The regional museum offers different activities: Sunnhordland Museum - Minne gir meining

Folk festival

Every year in June, there is a four day folk festival downtown Leirvik, with the intention to promote health, well-being and community. Folk i sentrum (folk-i-sentrum.no)

Sport venues


The biggset sport venue is Vikahaugane, by Leirvik, where you can practice fotball, track and field, tennis, handball og sandvolleyball. There is even a skating rank (open in the winter): Stord IL Skeise


In Sagvåg there are fields for fotball, track and field, an indoor climbing facilities, parkour facilities and a sandvolleyball field. IL Solid - Rein glede


In Prestagardsskogen they have a pistol shooting rank, sandvolleyball and football field and a hall for sport and cultural activities.  Trott - Trott IL 

Free mingle events

“If you’re new in town and you’re wondering what’s going on? Where to eat and drink? Which hikes are recommended and where to paddle? Fear not, Mingel organizes this information for you and  give timely tips, so you can find people you want to hang with and stuff you want to do.”

New in town? Start here.

Health care for students

Important websites 

Medical emergency telehpone

Call 113 if you have a life threatening illnes or you have had an/been in an accident. The emergency telephone is open all hours.

Casualty clinic

Call 116 117 (Hospital in Stord) Sunnhordland interkommunale legevakt og IDA - Stord kommune

Part-time job

Working while studying?

Many international students hold part-time jobs when studying in Norway. It is a good way to practice your Norwegian and increase your budget. 

Allowed to work in Norway?  

How to apply

Available positions in Stord municipality.

Available positions for students and graduates.

Kindergarten/Child care

Studying while having a child? Apply for kindergarten.

Loans and grants for students

The Norwegian State Educational Fund (Statens lånekasse)

Loans and grants from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen) is primarily directed to Norwegian citizens, however some foreign citizens may be eligible for support.

Find out if you are eligible for support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund