Clubs and organizations

Stord has about 400 clubs and organizations offering a range of different activities. 

Sport arenas

The biggest Sport arena is Vikahaugane with football fields, ice rink and courts for handball, volleyball, sand volleyball, tennis, badminton, table tennis etc... There are also sport arenas at Sagvåg and Prestagardsskogen (Nordbygdo).  

Swimming pool

The public swimming pool is located in Kulturhuset Cultural Centre. There is also a  warm water pool at Stord rehabiliteringssenter open to the public a few days a week.  

The public swimmingpool at Kulturhuset
Warm water pool at Stord Rehabililteringssenter  

Other arenas

There are also lighted trails for skiing and jogging, a motocross track, shooting ranges, and a bowling hall amongst other things.

Meeting places

In Stord Municipality there are organized meeting places for various groups. More about the meeting places