Stord municipal is striving to implement measures for reducing the spreading of the Corona virus amongst our residents. The situation requires comprehensive measures and they influence all our of lives, still it is important that we don't buy into unnecessary fear and panic.

National measures (

You'll find updated information and concrete advice at and, or you can call the National information phoneline at 815 55 015 which is open weekdays 08.00-18.00 and weekends 10.00-16.00.

People with an acute airway infection whom are not able to get through to the doctor's office or the ER, can by exception contact the municipal Corona center directly by phone at 53 49 66 66. New opening hours from 27.03.20: 08.00-15.30 every day.

Contact information

  • Emergency room (Sunnhordland Interkommunale legevakt): 116 117
  • Municipal Corona phone: 53 49 66 66 (New opening hours: 08.00-15.30 every day)
  • Acute situations: 113
  • National Corona phone: 815 55 015
  • Stord municipal switchboard: 53 49 66 00
  • NAV Stord (Social services): 55 55 33 33 
  • Stord sjukeheim (nursing home): 53 45 45 00
  • Knutsaåsen omsorgssenter (nursing home): 53 45 43 34
  • Stord harbour office: 53 49 67 66
  • IDA (interkommunal døgnavdeling): 53 23 30 70
  • Schools and kindergartens: email the headmasters
  • Stord municipal email:

Direct contact information for the various departments in Stord kommune

Do you need someone to talk to?

Reach out to someone you trust or reach out for help here:

Number tested and infected locally

Date Total tests completed Total positive Corona tests
Per 01.04.20 218* 5
Per 31.03.20 207* 5
Per 30.03.20 199* 5
Per 29.03.20 186* 4

By the end of
week 13

186* 4

By the end of
week 12

128* 3

By the end of
week 11

52* 1

By the end of
week 10

5 0

* The municipal Corona center took over the testing from March 18th. Number of tested may include results from Bømlo and Fitjar, but number of Covid-19 positive are for Stord only.


Update 25.03.2020 - new restrictions

The Government decided yesterday that the current measures are to remain in effect through April13th 2020, and added these following restrictions:

  • In public spaces, people should keep at least one meter away from other people 
  • When away from home, there should be no more than five people in a group – except for members of a family or the same household
  • Indoors, people should keep at least two meters away from one another, though this does not apply to family or household members

These added restrictions are effective from 27.03.20.

See all measures at

Municipal Corona center

Stord municipal has opened a Corona center with a direct phoneline: 53 49 66 66.

The Corona center is one measure in the attempt of limiting airborn spreading of the virus from infected ones to other people and especially to our healthcare personell. Both the doctor's offices and the emergency room (ER) can send people with airway illnesses to the Corona center for further evaluation. This center is an extension of the doctor's offices/ER for following up patients for Corona testing when applicable. As normal, your doctor's office or the ER is to be contacted if you have a need for advice or consultation, but by phone.

People with acute airway infection whom are not able to get through to the doctor's office or the ER, can by exception contact the municipal Corona center directly by phone at 53 49 66 66. It is open 08.00-15.30 every day.

Updated 27.03.20

Information to businesses with customer contact

Stord municipal is prompting all businesses, stores, malls etc. to implement measures to keep customers in distance to each other, be it by using posters, organizing the checkout lines or making sure people are not crowding together. Asking people to wait in their car if a place is getting crowded, communicating that everybody will get a chance to shop.

We are only at the starting point of an epidemic. If businesses can voluntarily implement measures to prevent the spreading of the virus, we might avoid the closing of more businesses.

Businesses need people and people need businesses.

Be together – in distance!

Smittevernlova §4-1, jf. 5-1.

Last ned brevet som er gått ut til verksemder med publikumskontaktt i pdf her.

Farming - grants when needing a substitude while ill

Farming is one of the critical functions in society. The Norwegian Agriculture Agency has updated information regarding grants when needing a substitude while ill.

You still need an official sick leave from your doctor, but NAV is allowing doctors to prescribe sick leave based on phone consultation.

There are no grants if the farmer has to take care of children because schools/kindergartens are closed. You'll find more information at the Norwegian Agriculture Agency (NAA).

The NAA is interested to learn about situations, challenges or problems out of the ordinary because of the Corona situation. Please report to our local office Stord Fitjar Landbruks- og miljøkontor at

What can you do?

Report suspicion of Corona symptoms

If you experience symptoms like caughing, trouble breathing or fever you can register it at The aim is to learn more about the spreading of the Corona virus in Norway.

You can register yourself or your children under the age of 16:

Report suspicion of Corona Symptoms

Hygiene, shielding and quarantine

Thorough hand hygiene and correct coughing/sneezing etiquette is of outmost importance. See poster further down.

If you feel ill with airway symptoms, a fever and a cough or maybe experiencing a lighter version of these symptoms, shield your family and other people you could come in close proximation to. There should be a low threshold to stay home from work to aid the slowing of this outbreak.

For those in home quarantine whom start to experience symptoms, you don't have to be tested. The measure is to continue the quarantine no matter if a test would have been positive or negative. Contacting the health service is only needed when one is feeling very ill and consider being hospitalized.

People are encouraged not to strain the health service with questions about being infected or notInformation about home quarantine and isolation in many languages.

Good advice and restrictions

We all need to follow the advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health:

  • If you are sick - stay home from work
  • Stay home as much as possible
  • Sustain good habits for hand hygiene and coughing etiquette
  • In public spaces, people should keep at least one meter away from other people 
  • When away from home, there should be no more than five people in a group – except for members of a family or the same household
  • Indoors, people should keep at least two meters away from one another, though this does not apply to family or household members

Stay updated

Keep yourself updated at, and

Update 22.03.2020 - third person tested positive

Third person confirmed infected in Stord municipal. All three persons thus far have likely either been infected abroad or the infection can be traced abroad.

Update 18.03.20 - second person tested positive

Everybody in close contact to the person is in quarantine and the source is formerly known. People or businesses don't have to contact the Corona resource center to check if they themselves or employees are at risk because of a second confirmed infected.

Stord municipal wants to remind everybody with cold symptoms, a sore throat or other airway symptoms to read the recommended advice and measures by the Norwegian institute of public health

Contact your regular doctor by phone if you experience an acute airway illness that lasts over several days with fever, caughing or heavy breathing. Normally, you will not be tested unless your doctor consider it to be necessary.

Closed public buildings and services

Closed public buildings/services - phone contact only

  • Kulturhuset: 53 49 69 50
  • Libraries: 53 49 66 70
  • NAV Stord: 55 55 33 33
  • Stord rehabiliteringssenter/renting space or pool. Contact the leader at physio- and ergo therapy, Andreas Sirevaag, at 414 05 425 or ergo therapist, Bente Bjelland, at 481 89 821.
  • Day centres for mental health and addiction (psykisk helse og rus). Users and relatives can contact Diana Marie H. Bergeland at 53 49 66 61 or Kenneth Stenbråten at 994 40 508
  • Town hall (Rådhuset): 53 49 66 00, Monday - Friday 08.00 - 15.30 
  • Institutions (Sjukeheim and omsorgssenter): 53 45 45 00 or 53 43 43 34
  • Harbour office (Stord hamn) - crew and passangers coming from abroad: 53 49 67 66
  • Guest marinas in Leirvik and Sagvåg: 53 49 67 66
  • SKE buildings both at Heiane and Leirvik

13.03.20: The Norwegian Directorate of Health closing schools and other educational institutions

In order to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to contribute to the maintenance of necessary health and care services, the Norwegian Directorate of Health has, according to the Infection Control Act, issued a decision to close schools and other educational institutions.

The decision includes: 

  • Childcare centres

  • Primary schools

  • Lower secondary schools

  • Upper secondary schools

  • Universities and colleges

  • Other educational institutions.

    The following exceptions to the closure order apply: it is important to maintain operations in the health and care services and other critical society functions, and to avoid the use of people in risk groups for babysitting. Managers of childcare centres and headteachers in primary schools must therefore provide a solution for children of healthcare personnel, the transport sector or within other critical society functions. The same applies to children with special care needs that cannot be taken care of when childcare, school or other day care facilities are closed.

    The Directorate of Health continues to act on another section in the Infection Control Act, on a ban on/closing of:

  • Cultural events

  • Sports events and organized sports activities, both indoors and outdoors

  • All establishments in the hospitality industry, except for eating places where food is distributed, i.e. canteens and eating places that can ensure visitors to keep at least 1 metre distance from each other. Buffets are not allowed. The hospitality industry includes restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs.

  • Companies that provide hairdressing services, skin care, massage and body care, tattooing, piercing, etc.
  • Swimming pools, water parks, etc.

Measures to safeguard healthcare personnel in Norway

Decisions pursuant to the Health Emergency Act on the ban for travel abroad for healthcare personnel working in patient treatment. In order to maintain the necessary health and care services, the Directorate of Health has implemented the following measures:

Healthcare professionals working with patient treatment are prohibited from travelling abroad. The ban applies to both business travel and leisure travel. The decision is effective from today until April 2020.

Retail, groceries and events

Retail trade will remain open. There is no need to stock up on food. Grocery stores will stay open.


  • We want domestic transport to continue as normal as possible but we strongly encourage everyone to avoid leisure travel

  • We encourage everyone to avoid journeys that are not strictly necessary (both domestic and international), avoid public transport if you can, avoid other places where you can easily get close to others, avoid close contact with others.

  • Everyone who comes from outside the Nordic countries should be in quarantine for 14 days from their arrival in Norway, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. Retroactive from 27 February.

Quarantine after traveling outside the Nordic countries

The new travel advice for avoiding infection can be found here:

It includes the following:

  • All who have been outside the Nordic countries are to stay in their homes for 14 days after arriving home to Norway, regardless of whether they have symptoms.

  • Travellers from countries outside the Nordic region who are not residents of Norway will be asked to return. The alternative for these travellers is quarantine. Travellers with symptoms will be isolated.

  • This means that everyone presently staying in Norway and who has been in a country outside the Nordic region in the past 14 days is to be quarantined.

    This policy has retroactive effect and applies to all arrivals since Thursday 27 February.

Public transport and working from home

  • Public transport will continue so that people with critical society functions can get to and from work and be able to distance themselves from each other.

  • We request not to visit people in institutions with vulnerable groups (elderly, psychiatry, prisons etc)

Health service capacity

To ensure that everyone receives good treatment and care, we are working closely with the healthcare service so that all parts of the service can maintain capacity. The Norwegian Directorate of Health is also in close dialogue with municipalities, county governors and the regional health authorities to assist with measures. Our work covers all aspects of the health service; nursing homes, home help, hospitals, health centres, general practitioners, private as well as public. It is especially important to ensure that healthcare professionals can perform their work safely and well and that we always have the healthcare personnel we need.

Entry control in healthcare institutions

Restrictions are imposed on visitors to all the country's health institutions and the introduction of entry control to safeguard infection control for patients in the country's health institutions. People who may be infected will be turned away from all the country's health institutions. The Directorate of Health will advise the healthcare service on this

Critical society functions

The emergency response committee considers that the following 15 functions to be critical to society:

  • Government and crisis management

  • Law and order
  • Health and care services

  • Rescue services

  • IT security in the civilian sector

  • Nature and environment

  • Security of supply

  • Water and wastewater

  • Financial services

  • Power supply

  • Electronic communication services

  • Satellite-based services

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