Municipal services regarding child care:

(Norwegian translation in parenthesis)

  • Adoption (Adopsjon)
  • Foster home (Fosterheim)
  • Reporting a concern to Child Protection (Melding til barnevernstenesta)
  • Relief measures from Child Protection (Hjelpetiltak frå barnevernstenesta)
  • Support person (Støttekontakt)
  • Taking over care for a child (Omsorgsovertaking av eit barn)
  • Visiting arrangements with children under public care for parents and others (Samvær med barn under offentleg omsorg for foreldra og andre)
  • Visiting home (Besøksheim)

For more information about these services, see contact information in information box to the right on this page.

Child protection watch phones

Local watch phone

975 52 163
Open: Weekdays 8.30 am - 2 pm

Emergency phone (free of charge)

Open: When the local phone is closed, i.e. weekdays 3 pm - 24 hours during weekends and public holidays.
Telephone: 116 111
From abroad: 00 47 954 11 755