When do you need a licence to serve alcohol?

If you already have a licence to serve food and want to serve alcohol, you must apply for a licence to serve alcohol.

How to obtain a licence to serve alcohol

  • The manager and his/her deputy must have passed the Alcohol Act knowledge test in order to apply for a licence to serve alcohol. Make an appointment to take the test (kunnskapsprøve i alkohollova for skjenkeverksemd)
  • It is a requirement, pursuant to the Alcohol Act, that licence holders are of spotless repute
  • The manager and his/her deputy must be employed at the establishment or work there by virtue of their position as an owner
  • The manager and his/her deputy must be over 20 years of age

How to apply for a licence to serve alcohol

Use the electronic application form below. If you log in, the application form can be saved before submission so that you can return to your application at a later time. You will be asked to upload attachments at the end of the form.

Attachments that must be submitted with an application for a licence to serve alcohol:

  • Certificate of registration from the Brønnøysund Register Centre (firmaattest)
  • Confirmation that the manager and his/her deputy at the establishment have passed the relevant Alcohol Act knowledge test
  • Documents proving right of access to the premises (the lease or deeds). In the event of subleased premises, proof of permission to sublet and the sublease contract must also be submitted
  • The landowner's permission to serve outdoors
  • Plan drawings of the premises' indoor and outdoor areas
  • Limited liability companies must submit their shareholder register with the ownership shares expressed in percentage
  • Information about any beneficial owners, such as the owners behind the limited liability company, where the operating company is wholly or partly owned by other companies
  • For boats: Passenger certificate for boats that can carry more than 12 passengers, certificate of nationality

In certain cases the Agency for Business Development Services may ask for further documentation, such as an operating budget and financing plan.

How long does it take?

The processing time is up to four months once we have received all the necessary information and documents. The application will be sent to the police, the city district administration and the Norwegian Tax Administration for consultation. Processing may take longer if the consulted bodies spend a long time or have any objections to the application, or if you make changes during the application process.